Absolute Happiness

The Absolute Happiness Approach:

Absolute Happiness is a Buddhist concept which asserts that each individual is able to obtain happiness that is internal resulting from personal growth or ‘soul polish’ that is unshakable in the face of the four difficulties of life: birth, aging, sickness, and death. Difficulties are a fact of life in human existence -unhappiness is not.

 I focus on helping people remember their innate wholeness a birthright of every human being. In the Absolute Happiness approach to wellbeing I help you identify your own individual definition of happiness, set manageable goals to obtaining it, and clear the path of mental barriers that prevent you from obtaining your true and absolute happiness, unshakable by the external world. 

 The Absolute Happiness Approach is an eclectic model rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)/ rational emotive therapy (RET) with components of solution focused, narrative, motivational interviewing, object relations, harm reduction, strength-based, problem solving, and mindfulness therapies/theories.

 To fully embark on the personal journey of finding Absolute Happiness clients must be willing to explore entrenched beliefs and historical behaviors to determine if there is current evidence to support or change them. Clients must be active change partners by maintaining commitment to their goals to include active participation in sessions and completion of between session projects.

 Therapy is emotionally challenging work that with elbow grease and direction is extremely rewarding. I consider myself an educator, I educate you on the inner workings of humanity-you must do the work!






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